Mrs. Spirit

Performed in: December, 2018
Place/Venue: 22. İstanbul Istanbul Theatre Festival, Adahan, İstanbul

From Movement Atelier, comes a play that invites us to leave our confining routines and step into a ‘parallel universe’. Audience while entering the foyer area confronts with various images through hanged canvases and video images on the walls, small photos displayed all around accompanied by installation pieces creating the universe of Mrs. Spirit in advance of the live performance. They stay there as the memory, shadow and the image of the live experience thereafter. The intention is that an installation of the live experience, a spirit lingers on and continue to penetrate the space following the performance. As dancers study an unknown feminine entity, they speak with the language of their dreamed universe. Live performance meets with pre-recorded video images. Mrs. Spirit is the combination of moving images, pictures and sound sentences of a women tribe dreaming together. It is an attempt to forget and disown one another while having known each other for a long time. In other words these are the day dreams of a female soul who search for unknown. Through the dreams another reality appears inside a reality, in daily life, on the body of the city. Mrs. Spirit was wondering in the city of İstanbul for more than a year, along with her dreams she was dwelling on streets, parks, costs of sea and forests of the city. She inscripts her memory to the city, talks with the stones, lie on the stairs of Balat with cats, changes the past and remembers the future. Images appear and dissappear in the river of memory. Bodies carry the scars of loss and the future times. Or there appears a tiny crack inside the illusion we call time, atoms passing through the crack getting away from the body and returning back. Mrs. Spirit, in an Aristotalian way, is at equal distance to being and non-being. Following a taoist view, ‘there are possibilities in existence that non-existence draws on’

[in general the company creates in the field of movement theater, yet they define this work as a combination of performative installation, video art and movement, standing on the threshold]

Concept, Dramaturgy, Movement Design and Performance: Movement Atelier Company/ Art Direction: Zeynep Günsür/ Movement Direction: Deniz Yamanus-Ece Ulutan Yüceil/ Costume- Object Design-Installations: Leyla Okan/ Sound and Music Design: Erdem Akyatan-Ece Ulutan Yüceil (Original Music: Neveser Kökdes, “Thousand Colors Blossoming on the Horizon of Dreams”- Solist: Zeynep Yazici/Alaturka Records)/ Light Design: Alev Topal/ Visual Design: Tolga Yüceil/ Visuals: Gülsu Okay, Ece Ulutan Yüceil, Zeynep Günsür, Kaan Yüceil

Movement Atelier: Ece Ulutan Yüceil, Deniz Yamanus, Gizem Erman Soysaldi, Gülsu Okay, Leyla Okan, Nilgün Büyükgökcesu, Sibel Günsür, Zeynep Günsür

Performance Photos: Tolga Yüceil, Volkan Erkan

Ruhiye – Mrs. Spirit