Who are we?

Nilgün Büyükgökçesu

She was born in Canakkale in 1950. She has graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Dentistry in 1974. She has worked as a dentist between 1976-1980, then moved to Güneş publishing between 1989-1992 and worked in the fashion department as an editor. She continued working as a manager in marketing department at Tekofax A.S. between 1993-1996. Moved to LMC (Laser Medical Center) and worked as the dentist of the firm until her retirement in 2004. Since the begining of Movement Atelier, she performs and sings in the artistic creations of the company.

Sibel Günsür

She was born in Biga, in 1940. She has graduated from Ankara Univ. Language History Geography Faculty, German Languages Department. She has worked as a translater in Siemens Company and thought in Folksschule in Munich between 1963-64, then returned to Turkey and worked as a translater in the Security Department in Internal Affairs between 1965-67. Worked as a director in Tourism Police Department, Internal Affairs. She started teaching german language in high schools between 1969-1990 and worked as an expert in the Department of German Languages, Bogazici Univ. between 1990-2005 until her retirement. She is a creative member of Movement Atelier since 1999.

Leyla Okan

She was born in Istanbul in 1958. She has studied painting and art history between 1989 and 1995. Between 1996 and 2002, she was interested in philosophy and contemporary art which led her to body and performance work in 2003. Between 1993-2011, she participated various combined and personal exhibitions both abroad and in Turkey. In 2008 she started to work on performing arts field with Movement Atelier Company. Currently continues to her personal contemporary art work at her studio and perform with Movement Atelier Company.

Gülsu Okay

She was born in Devrek in 1957. After 1966, she moved to Germany with her family. She has completed her education on internal design at Darmstadt Univ. and also in social pedagogy at Johann Wolfgang Goethe Univ. in Frankfurt. She has studied at the ‘Tanz und Theaterwerkstatt’ in Frankfurt and participated the company of Fe Reichelt Ausdruckstanz. She returned to Turkey in 1992. Started her visual art works at Istasyon Art Center in 1993 and participated in various exhibitions. She is a creative member of Movement Atelier since 1999.

Gizem Erman Soysaldı

She was born in 1984 in İzmir. After graduating from Ankara University Political Studies Faculty, International Relations Department she continued to study theater at Şahika Tekand Studio Players. She participated to Movement Atelier Company in 2008. Soysaldı worked as an actor in various theater groups and participated to International Istanbul Theater Festival. She acted in films “İstanbul I am coming”, “F style”, “Great Exile”. She hosted “Our Table”, a culinary program in television and acted in “Eighties”, “ Back Streets” series. She also participated in social responsibility projects in institutions such as TEGV, TOG, Bayrampaşa Disabilities Center. In September 2008, she won the best supporting actrees award at the 25th Adana International Golden Boll Film Festival with “İçerdekiler”, directed by Hüseyin Karabey. She continues to work in theater, film and television.

Deniz Yamanus

Deniz Olgay Yamanus was born in İstanbul in 1948. She has graduated from Ankara State Conservatoire in 1966. Same year, she joined Ankara State Ballet and worked until 1983 as a soloist ballerina and prima dancer. In 1968- 1969 and 1971, she participated to London Royal Balet School’s summer workshops invited by Dame Ninette de Valois. As a dancer, she participated various tours with the Ankara State Ballet Company including USA, Hong-Kong, Bulgaria, Cyprus. She has become a prima dancer in Istanbul State Ballet in 1983 where she worked as an administrator between 1987-89. She worked with Geyvan McMillen and Oytun Turfanda as an assistant and she did the soloist repertory of many works of art. She still directs Oytun Turfanda’s choreographies in all the big cities in Turkey. She is a creative member of Movement Atelier since 1999.

Ece Ulutan Yüceil

Ece Ulultan was born in Istanbul in 1980. She started to study in Private School of Yıldız Alpar in 1987. Her high school degree was completed in Italian Lycee in 1998. After working with Mehmet Güreli on drawing and design, she started her bachelor’s degree on ceramic and glass design, in Faculty of Fine arts at Mimar Sinan University in 1999. She graduated from Yıldız Alpar Ballet School in 2000. She is a dance teacher since 2000 and founded her own dance and music school, ‘Kii3dort’ in 2009. She teaches dance, body percussion, painting and video making to children. She is a creative member of Movement Atelier since 2003. 

Zeynep Günsür Yüceil

She was born in Istanbul in 1968. She has studied sociology at Bogazici Univ. and Delhi Univ., completed her M.A in performing arts at Middlesex Univ., London in 1995. She had her PhD degree at Bogazici Univ/History Department. She is one of the founders of Green Grapes Dance Theater Company and worked as a performer and director between 1991-1996. She has founded Movement Atelier in 1999 and since then is creating with the company. She is currently the head of Theatre Department /Khas University, İstanbul.

Those closest to us

Kısmet DENİZ Boro Polat

Joining the Bosphorus University Modern Dance Club in 1987, becomes a life long ambition into contemporary dance and dance theatre focusing into anatomy and research based creative body work. Served for contemporary stage art development at Public education centers, and worked as instructor. Performed with Green Grapes, Movement Atelier and Contemporary Turkish Dance Research Lab. Due to being research oriented, entered academic world and has an Ethnomusicology Masters and an unfinished doctoral degree, and papers presented at international symposiums on dance. Believes that, to have a body consciousness helps on stage and life to be more confident and centered, and wishes to share the knowledge of reading and listening to our bodies.

Figen Evren

I was born in 1965, Ankara. I participated in amateur and professional theatres and workshops in Kocaeli and Istanbul as student, actor and supporter. Worked in cinema and tv productions. I learned how to do my dream theatre (20 years before) at Roxy-Movement Atelier. 

DİZEM kaftan

She completed her BA in Performing Arts at Bilgi University followed by movement studies at L’ecole de Mim Omnibüs in Montreal, Canada. Finished her MA in Film and Drama at Kadir Has University. She has been teaching rhythm, movement and dance courses at Aydın University since 2008. She is the founder of Clarity Pilates Studio while being the director and giving pilates classes regularly. She has been a creative member of Movement Atelier between 2000-2013.

meral erdoğan

Meral Erdoğan, completed her Architecture Bachelor’s degree in Istanbul State Engineering and Architecture Academy-IDMMA Department of Architecture (Istanbul, 1977), Master’s degree in IDMMA Architectural Design Master’s Program (Istanbul, 1979), PhD at Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Science, Architecture Program (Istanbul, 1986). In 1980, she started architectural education and research studies at Istanbul State Engineering and Architecture Academy-IDMMA, Kadikoy Engineering and Architecture Faculty. She is currently working in Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture and Computer Aided Architecture Graduate Program in the fields of Design Computing, Design Research, and Design Technologies. In 1999, she joined the Roxy / Nnacho Movement Workshop which explores the boundaries and relationships of movement / text / sound / film / space with all kinds of bodies.

Gamze İneceli

Gamze İneceli is a food culture researcher, veteran restaurateur, and brand consultant based in İstanbul. She is often found curating culinary and cultural programs at international food focused events such as Stadt Land Fest, Markthalle Neun in Berlin, and YEDİ in Istanbul. She is a trustee of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, while also organizing all of the meals throughout the symposium. Gamze worked closely in developing the original Cook the Farm program in Sicily which highlighted Turkey as the program’s Mediterranean comparative study. She has also developed Cook the Farm Turkey as the projects first international partner. Her background in Performing Arts is often carried into her food related projects as she brings an electric enthusiasm that thrives on sharing ideas and collaboration.