Performed in: 2003-2005
Place/Venue: Lütfi Kırdar Convention Exhibition Center

“Intercultural Meetings: Where communities head towards?” is the openning performance of the 15th. International Pyschotherapy Congress. It is conceptualized and directed by Naz Erayda with the creative contributions and performance by Kumpanya, Movement Atelier Company and Yildiz Technical University Dance Theatre. The performance contains singing, telling fairy tails, moving and captures the sound, vision and movement bits.

Concept/ Direction: Naz Erayda 

Movement Design/ Performance: Zeynep Günsür Yüceil, Deniz Yamanus, Meral Erdoğan, Sibel Günsür, Tan Temel, Sernaz Demirel, Cenk Telimen, Deniz Boro, Gülsu Okay, Dizem Kaftan

Video Performance: Maya Kurdoğlu, Mustafa Kaplan, Ezel Akay, Tuğrul Tüjümet Tütüncü, Colin Edmonds, Kebire Yücesan, Arşaluys Kayır, Nurşen İlbay, Sandra Albukrek, Lydia Albukrek
Consultant/ Post-Production: Kerem Kurdoğlu
Director of Photography: Emek Gül
Asisstant Director: Sima Can

Intersections-02 Roxy

Performed in: 2003-2005
Place/Venue: Roxy Club- İstanbul

Intersections directed by Naz Erayda was performed as the openning act of 2003 International Group Therapy Congress in Istanbul. Beside Roxy Movement Atelier, amateur singers and YTÜ Dance Theatre Lab performed in the event.

This piece originated from the performance Intersections directed by Naz Erayda for the opening ceremony of International Psychotherapy Congress in 2003 was revisited and rearranged by Erayda and Movement Atelier. There we searched on our live intersections and tangencies accompanied by various stories belonging to different people residing in Istanbul through narratives, songs and personal voices on screen. Now we repeat this experience in another level in Roxy where we are solely searching our intersections or non-intersections through our own stories. Stage is dissepeared, various layers are formed and perhaps there are ambigious ways and passages. We go searching together.

Concept/ Direction: Naz Erayda 

Movement Design/ Performance: Hareket Atölyesi: Zeynep Günsür Yüceil, Deniz Yamanus, Sibel Günsür, Dizem Kaftan, Meral Erdoğan, Deniz Boro Polat, Cenk Tecimer, Gülsu Okay

Intersection – Lütfü Kırdar