hand made

Performed in: May, 2018
Place/Venue: BomontiAlt, A Corner in the World Festival

Freshly done from Movement Atelier for A Corner in the World Festival: Hand-made life experiences: getting angry well, touching with compassion, criticizing properly, laughter, being startled, attracting attention, looking in silence, being surprised, feeding the soul, warming the body, renewing the mind and diving into the play hand in hand for much more, being the play, approaching the strange-r without worrying about what people would say, meeting, collaborating to witness, passing on, giving like a woman… hand made life experiences: small gifts to each other.

Design/Dramaturgy/Performance: Movement Atelier

Movement Atelier Company: Deniz Yamanus, Ece Ulutan Yüceil, Gizem Soysaldı, Gülsu Okay, Leyla Okan, Nilgün Büyükgökçesu, Sibel Günsür, Zeynep Günsür 

Guest Performers: Onur Gökhan Gökcek, Kaan Yüceil

Performance Photos: Murat Dürüm

Performance Video: Tolga Yüceil

hand made