“Country / Journey through MEMORY”

Performed in: 2006
Place/Venue: “(Antakya Contemporary Arts Meeting), Antakya
2006; (IETM/İst. meeting), (Nnaco/Stüdyo), İst.

“Country/Journey through MEMORY” which is a continuation of the performance film ‘Country’, but a further exploration and a journey through the themes of country, memory, social and internal geography by combining fiction and documentary; film and live performance. Film is a part of live performance. Live performance at times blends into the film, in other times opposes the recorded images. Stage setting uses the film as the main space. T.C.D.D east express staff or an inhabitant in Kars joins the performers on stage. Performers with their “real” life personas appear in the film, telling about their bodly wounds. Some of this film’s parts has been shooted as a documentary in 2005, in different parts of Turkey, later combined with some parts of the performance film “Country”, re-edited for our new work. It explores the memory inhabited in objects around us, in our own bodies; re-thinks and re-arranges that memory collectively.

Concept – Dramaturgy: Movement Atelier Director: Zeynep Günsür Camera: Fabien Delisle, Haşim Polat Editing: Tolga Yüceil Performance: Gülsu Aren,Sirin Celikkaya, Meral Erdoğan, Figen Evren, Nilgün Günsür, Sibel Günsür, Zeynep Günsür, Dizem Kaftan, Deniz Olgay Yamanus, Deniz Boro Polat, Ece Ulutan


Country / Journey through MEMORY