Performed in: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Place/Venue: 2009- International iDANS Festival, Garajistanbul, İstanbul Oct.-May 2009
2010- 17. International İstanbul Theatre Festival, İstanbul, May 2010, Boğaziçi University, Garanti Cultural Center, İstanbul, March 2010
2011- International Temp D’image Festival, İstanbul, April 2011; Hybrid Festival, Dortmund, Germany
2012- İstanbul Performing Arts Platform, Perform 2012- International Performing Arts Selection, SAHNE Kadir Has, 5-8 April, 2012

Years of jumping rope, playing dodge ball and selling hand-made necklaces made out of sea shell. Debating the death penalty in the universities while impatiently awaiting our new “bayram” clothes. Nurturing ourselves only with domestic products, and participating in torchlight festivities. Trying to shape our breasts with teacups.  Voluntary dim outs, waiting on huge lines for gas. Some learned to read with the words: “Strike Here”. As gun shots were fired in front of the local Soup-Shops, we turned on our electric-radios and waited for them to warm up. Birds rested on telegraph lines. We wore hoop skirts and crazily munched sun flower seeds. We had neighbors with classic names like Nebahat, Müzeyyen or Münevver. We continuously wrote compositions and hunted flies with plastic gadgets. We screamed “All You Need is Love” while properly humming “As Night Falls Sorrow Becomes Me Again”” according to tune…

(Certain times happened, certain times didn’t. Disabled needles were stuck and impeccable scars appeared. Certain lies were told, certain games were played.)


Post scriptum: In this work, history is re-written from a civil and personal angle. “History” containing the hour before and when joining autonomy and resistance with the civil and personal angles, a certain style of playing is the result. At least, we think so. Some angles are still blurry. Actually topsy-turvy.


References: Memory of Movement Atelier artists /Oral History, Tanıl Bora Lynch Regime of Turkey, Nilgün Marmara /Metinler, H.E. Adıvar / House with Purple Pendents , Tezer Özlü / Cold Nights of Childhood, Feroz Ahmed /Turkey after an Identity, Zeynep Sayın / Pornography of the Image, Metin Erksan / Time of Love (1965, film)

Musics: Ceviz Oynamaya Geldim /Müzeyyen Senar, Home Comings /Erkan Oğur, Akşam Oldu Hüzünlendim Ben Yine, Kara Tren, You Are My Sunshine, Çarliston, Bayram Gecesi, Gel Güzelim Çamlıca’ya, Osman Paşa Türküsü, Hatırla Sevgilim, Ağlama Değmez Hayat, Uyu Demeye Geldim, Havuzbaşı, Sevdim bir Genç Kadını, Je ne veux pas Traviller, Buruk Acı


Concept/ Dramaturgy and Performance: Movement Atelier Art Direction: Zeynep Günsür

Movement Direction: Deniz Olgay Yamanus-Ece Ulutan Light Design: Alev Topal Sound Design: Tolga Yüceil Costume Design: Deniz Olgay Yamanus-Leyla Okan Technical Assistance: Arda İpek Production: Nnaco


Movement Atelier: Deniz Olgay Yamanus, Dizem Kaftan, Ece Ulutan, Gizem Soysaldı, Gülsu Aren, Kaan Yüceil, Leyla Okan, Nilgün Günsür, Özden Çetin,  Sibel Günsür, Zeynep Günsür