Performed in: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Place/Venue: 2013-“work in progress” performance İKSV, Salon May, 2013- 
2015- International İzmir Theatre Festival, December, 2015
2014-2016 SAHNE Khas, Dec. 2014- April 2016

The new project of Movement Atelier Company is refering to the Cindrella tale. The project aims to reconstruct the tale through woman psyche, anthropological analysis and new ways of story telling practices. Company wants to write a tale of their own.

Cind-Woman beside being a project of the company members who are 30 to 75 years old of age, own perceptions and images of Cindrella collected from memory, it also involves other people’ contributions as voices used in the interviews. The owners of these voices reside in the city of Istanbul- (The Cindrella districts of Istanbul): Balat, Cibali- Kadir Has Üniversitesi-, Zekeriyaköy, Kocamustafapaşa, Erenköy, Beyoğlu, Kadıköy, Başakşehir,  Kurtuluş, Gazi Mahallesi, Heybeliada.

-Since we started to work on this project, we have read and discussed many books and resources on fairytales throughout the world. But one became the bedside book of all; “Women who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa P. Estes-


…Said “do not take a rest, do not cease, remember the wild soul/ shape in flesh and bones with the songs/remove the fake clothes, eternal waits for you where the beauty of the wild instinct resides  / thousand years of suffering is swelled” Said this and vanished into thin air. Neither a yarn, nor a romance. This is an unheard fable…

Ref: Women who Run with the Wolves (Clarissa P. Estes) / The Gardener (Rabindranath Tagore) / Personal Sentences (Atölye) / Music: “Neden Bilmem Bu İptila”- composition-lyrics: Neveser Kökdeş- interpretation: Eser Noyan & Ece Ulutan

Story/ Design/ Dramaturgy: Movement Atelier- Art Direction: Zeynep Günsür- Movement Direction: Ece Ulutan- Sound and Music Design: Ece Ulutan – Costume and Prop Design: Leyla Okan- Lighting Design: Alev Topal- Lighting Assistant: Korhan Boduroğlu/Kaan Eman- Sound Assistant: Yasin Bardakçı- Production: Nnaco

Movement Atelier Company: Deniz Yamanus, Ece Ulutan, Gizem Soysaldı, Gülsu Okay, Leyla Okan, Nilgün Günsür, Sibel Günsür, Zeynep Günsür